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Virtual Bankruptcy Assistants: How Can They Help?

The BAPCPA has made filing bankruptcy a more tedious and wearing process, not only for clients, but also for the bankruptcy attorney. The mandatory “reasonable investigation” of client’s claims, or Due Diligence, is time consuming and a job within itself. With so many obstacles imposed by the new law, Is there a way bankruptcy attorneys can stay on tract and continue to provide quality service to their clients while still running a profitable practice? YES THERE IS! Bankruptcy attorneys can find relief in the services of a Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant!

What exactly is a “Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant”? A Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant is a bankruptcy assistant or paralegal who provides legal support to bankruptcy attorneys, such services being supplied with the use of technology such as the Internet, email, fax and remote access systems. The Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant is retained on an as-needed basis. She or he is not an employee of the law firm. Rather, a Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant is retained as an independent contractor and is paid a flat fee for each bankruptcy petition completed. Such an arrangement saves the attorneys the costs that are incurred when hiring in-house employees, (i.e., benefits, vacation pay, taxes).

How can a Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant help you? For the solo practitioner, or the young lawyer just getting stared who cannot afford a full time bankruptcy paralegal but has a backlog of cases, the Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant provides the ideal service. The Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant can draft all bankruptcy filing documents for the attorney's review and assist with due diligence while additionally freeing up otherwise billable hours. Law firms who already have a bankruptcy paralegal can benefit as well. A Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant can help when in-house paralegals have an overflow of work. By contracting a Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant, it is possible to have someone work diligently to keep bankruptcy law firms up-to-date and to streamline the workflow.

AT 713PETITIONS.COM we are here to help you stay profitable! Our Virtual Bankruptcy Assistants specialize in drafting, processing and filing Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy petitions. We assist with the due diligence portion of the bankruptcy filing process. This includes obtaining tax transcripts, auto valuations, lien search and ownership reports and home appraisals. But that is not all! With your approval, our Virtual Bankruptcy Assistants and Paralegals follow up with your clients to obtain missing information and documentation. When you receive the work product of our Virtual Bankruptcy Assistants, you receive an accurate, complete and well-researched bankruptcy petition, ready for filing.

Virtual Bankruptcy Assistants are not forms practitioners or document preparers. We do not prepare bankruptcy petitions for the general public. We only work for and under the direct supervision of licensed attorneys.

Using our Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant services will speed up the Bankruptcy Petition Preparation and save you time and money so you can focus on increasing your client base and revenue.

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